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The HCV compliance supplement (III. Compliance Requirements, A. Activities Allowed or Unallowed, 2. Activities Uallowed, c. Over Leasing) requires the auditor to insure that the total units leased for the fiscal year does not exceed the unit months authorized on the Annual Contributions Contract. I have tried to find the unit months authorized on the Annual Contributions Contract and cannot find that number. Instead I usually find a dollar amount. How does one determine the unit months authorized on an Annual Contributions Contract?

Les Sparks

Ed, I am sorry, this has been delayed. The quick answer is that the UMA is listed on the annual renewal form. I have included a sample of the Excel spreadsheet that HUD sends the PHA.




Now there is a quicker way. However, I have never compared the two items officially. HUD has Power BI website for vouchers. The link is below.




When you go to that page enter the relevant state, then select the actual PHA code. It will show you the UMA.




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