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CFDA Numberscfda general
Consolidated Multifamily Submission, electronic-submission multifamily
Debt Issuance Costsdebt-issuance multifamily
Deferral of Stub Period, multifamily reporting-requirement
Definition of Federal Government Expenditures (Threshold)reporting-requirement multifamily
Federal Award Identification Number (FAIN)fain general
FHA Approval: Financial Data Templateapproval lender
How to Post a Peer Review for Public Access, , how-to membership peer-review general
How to Setup a Coordinator ID and Assign Access to Others, , how-to multifamily reac
Initial FHA Approval, approval lender
Liquidation Basis of Accounting, multifamily reporting-requirement
Master Tenants and Regular Projects, leased-nursing-home section-232 multifamily
Multifamily Grace Period – Submission Due Date, electronic-submission multifamily
Multifamily Supplemental Information Requirement, electronic-submission multifamily
Penalties for Non-Filingmultifamily
Reporting Requirement: Prepayment (or refinance from HUD mortgage to conventional mortgage), prepayment reporting-requirement multifamily
Reporting Requirement: Project Sold (TPA), reporting-requirement tpa multifamily
Requesting an Extension for a Multifamily Electronic Submission, electronic-submission multifamily
Surplus Cash Computation: Other Current Obligationssurplus-cash multifamily
Underfunded Tenant Security Deposits, compliance-deficiency security-deposits multifamily
Update UIIid-maintenance multifamily
Waivers and Deferments of Financial Statements, multifamily reporting-requirement
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