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I noticed that the final version of the HB-2-3560 Chapter 4 lists an “Accrual to Cash Schedule” as supplemental information that should be included in the financial statement package, which was not in the initial draft of the chapter. The sample FS in attachment 4-M, however, does not show this schedule, but does show a “Schedule of Expenses” which isn’t listed as supplemental information required by RD on page 4-55.  Any idea what’s going on with this? Was this an error in the guide, and if so, which schedule is RD actually wanting us to present?

Les Sparks

Chad, there are at least 10 similar things going on with this Guide.  RD is working to issue a clarification in the form of a Q&A document.  I do not know the final status of that document.  IT is interesting that the chapter contains this schedule when the sample statements did not have that schedule. 


The Q&A document that I have does have the question, but we have not heard back from them on this matter.


Stay in touch.  I am following up on this with others.


Les Sparks


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Hey Les,

Any update on this?  We’re trying to figure out which supplemental schedules to include in the statements.  We’re leaning towards including the Schedule of Expenses and not the Cash to Accrual schedule.  We may just have to make an “executive decision” soon…


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