RAD PBRA Training Course Materials

You will be given printed materials when you arrive at the training. The following is provided as an option if you want to download the materials and supplemental information.

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* RAD PBRA ManualDownload/View
* RAD PBRA Training AgendaDownload/View
2: Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)Download/View
3: HUD REAC OverviewDownload/View
4: Sample Multifamily Financial StatementDownload/View
7: Surplus CashDownload/View
8: Auditing HUD Projects with MOR AssistanceDownload/View
9: Handbook 4350.3 – Occupancy GuideDownload/View
Financial Operations and Accounting Procedures for Insured Handbook (4370.2)Download/View
HUD Handbook 4350.3 Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing ProgramsDownload/View
Management Agent Handbook (4381.5)Download/View
Management Agent’s Certification form HUD-9839-BDownload/View
Management Entity Profile form HUD-9832Download/View
Multifamily Asset Management and Project Servicing (4350.1)Download/View
Multifamily Submission: Chart of AccountsDownload/View
Multifamily Submission: How to Set Up Coordinator ID and Assign OthersDownload/View
Multifamily Submission: Step-by-step directionsDownload/View
PBRA HAP Contract Part 2 form HUD-52618Download/View
PBRA HAP Contract Part I form HUD-52620Download/View
Regulatory Agreement HUD-92466MDownload/View
Sample Online Housing ApplicationDownload/View
Sample Tenant Selection PlanDownload/View
Sample Tenant Selection Plan: 202 PRACDownload/View
Sample Tenant Selection Plan: WHEDA Section 811Download/View
Section 232 – Computation of Surplus CashDownload/View


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