How to Create an Owner Certified GREATER than $750K Submission Template

Non-profit entities must file either an audited or unaudited submission by the 90 day deadline. If an unaudited submission is filed, and an audit is required, the audited submission is due 9 months after year end. To create an owner certified (unaudited) greater than $750K submission template follow these steps:
  • Log into REAC
  • Go to FASSUB & Select “Create New AFS Data Submission”
  • Enter the FYE, click Continue
  • Select Project from drop-down menu and Click Continue
  • Select the property name and threshold for annual expenditures. If this is an unaudited submission that will be followed later with an audit, select Greater than or equal to $750K Annually
  • On the Verify AFS Submission Criteria Screen select Owner Certified from the drop-down, then continue to create template.

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