Multifamily Submission: Audited vs Owner Certified

What information is required for an owner-certified (compiled) submission?

REAC/FASSUB Template Audited
Owner Certified
Balance Sheet Data X X
Profit and Loss Data X X
Equity Data X X
Cash Flow Data X X
Schedule of Reserve for Replacement X X
Schedule of Residual Receipts X X
Computation of Surplus Cash X X
Schedule of Changes in Fixed Assets X X
NH/Assisted Living Data (When applicable) X X
Footnotes X X
Auditor’s Report on Financial Statements X
Auditor’s Report on Internal Control X
Auditor’s Report on Major HUD Program(s) X
Findings & Prior Audits X
Mortgagor’s Certification X X
Management Agent’s Certification X X
Auditor’s Transmittal Letter X
SEFA (on audited non-profit financials only) X

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