AcronymAcronym Description
HUDU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
AHACPAAffordable Housing Association of CPAs
SKESkills, Knowledge, Expertise
HUDU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developmet
NASBANational Association of
A/EAccount Executive
AAFBArea Approved for Business
ABAAnnual Budget Authority
ACCAnnual Contributions Contract
AcSECAccounting Standards Executive Committee
AFHMPAffirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
AFSAnnual Financial Statement
AICPAAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AMPAsset Management Project
ARCAnnual Required Contribution
ARQAudit Required Questions
ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act
BLIBudget Line Item
BTABusiness-Type Activities
CAContract Administrator
CAAFCoordinator Access Authorization Form
CACEIV Role - Contract Admin. Coordinator (HUD Staff)
CAIVRSCredit Alert Interactive Voice Response System
CAUEIV Role - Contract Administrator User (Non-HUD)
CEOChief Executive Officer
CFDACatalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
CFFPCapital Fund Financing Program
CFPCapital Fund Program
CFRCode of Federal Regulation
CMAComputer Matching Agreement
COCCCentral Office Cost Center
COSOCommittee of Sponsoring Organizations
CPACertified Public Accountant
CPEContinuing Professional Education
DASDeputy Assistant Secretary
DBADoing Business As
DCFData Collection Form
DEDirect Endorsement
DECDepartmental Enforcement Center
DHAPDisaster Housing Assistance Program
DVPDisaster Voucher Program
ECEnforcement Center (see DEC)
EIVEnterprise Income Verification
ELIExtremely Low Income
eLOCCSElectronic Line of Credit Control System
FAINFederal Award Identification Number
Fannie MaeFederal National Mortgage Association
FASABFederal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FASBFinancial Accounting Standards Board
FASSFinancial Assessment Subsystem
FASS-PHAFinancial Assessment Subsystem - Public Housing Administration
FASSUBFinancial Assessment Subsystem - Multifamily
FDICFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDSFinancial Data Schedule
FDTFinancial Data Template
FHAFederal Housing Administration
FHA/MFFederal Housing Administration/Multifamily
FMCPIH Financial Management Center
FMDFinancial Management Division
FRAGFinancial Reporting and Auditing Guide
Freddie MacFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
FSSFamily Self Sufficiency
FYEFiscal Year End
GAAFRGovernmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting ('The Blue Book')
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAASGenerally Accepted Auditing Standards
GAGASGenerally Accepted Government Auditing Standards
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GASGovernment Auditing Standards (see GAGAS)
GASBGovernmental Accounting Standards Board
Ginnie MaeGovernment National Mortgage Association
HAPHousing Assistance Payment
HCVHousing Choice Voucher
HDKEIV Role - Helpdesk Personnel
HECMHome Equity Conversion Mortgage (Reverse mortgage)
HEREMSHousing Enterprise Real Estate Management System
HFUEIV Role - HUD Field Office User
HHSHealth and Human Services
HMDAHome Mortgage Disclosure Act
HOCHUD Homeownership Center (FHA)
HOHHead of Household
HQAEIV Role - HQ User Administrator
HSCEIV Role - Housing Coordinator (HUD Staff)
HSUEIV Role - Non-HUD User
HUDU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
HUD OIGHUD Office of Inspector General
HUD PMHUD Project Manager
HUDCAPSHUD Central Accounting and Program System
IARIndependent Auditor Report
IGInspector General
IPImprovement Plan
IPAIndependent Public Accountant (CPA)
KDHAPKatrina Disaster Housing Assistance Program
LASSLender Assessment Subsystem
LDPLimited Denial of Participation
LILow Income
LIHTCLow-income Housing Tax Credit
LLCLimited Liability Company
LOCOMLower of cost or market
M2MMarket to Market-OHMAR Restructured Loans
MAHRAMultifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act
MASSManagement Assessment Subsystem
MCAWMortgage Credit Analysis Worksheet
MD&AManagement Discussion and Analysis
MFMixed Finance
MFHMultifamily Housing
MINCManagement Interactive Network Connection (Rural Housing)
MIPMortgage Insurance Premium
MORManagement & Occupancy Review
MRBManagement Review Board
NASSiNtegrated Assessment Subsystem
NCGASNational Council on Governmental Accounting Statement
NCUANational Credit Union Administration
NDNHNational Directory of New Hires
NHNursing Home
NPONon Profit Organization
NRANet Restricted Assets
O/AOwners/Management Agent
OAHPOffice of Affordable Housing Preservation
OCBOAOther Comprehesive Basis of Accounting
OIGOffice of Inspector General
OIGEIV Role - OIG User
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
ONAPOffice of Native American Programs
OPEBOther Post Employment Benefits
P&U DivisionProcessing & Underwriting Division in an HOC
PASSPhysical Assessment Subsystem
PCAOBPublic Company Accounting Oversight Board
PELProject expense level
PHAPublic Housing Authority
PHASPublic Housing Assessment System
PICPIH Information Center
PIH(Office of) Public and Indian Housing
PUM/PUPMPer-Unit per Month
QADQuality Assurance Division
QARQuality Assurance Review
QASSQuality Assessment Subsystem
QCQuality Control
QWHRAQuality Housing & Work Responsibility Act
R&ORegulatory & Operating Agreement
RARental Assistance
RADRental Assistance Demonstration Program
RASSResidential Assessment Subsystem
RDARural Development Agency
REACReal Estate Assessment Center
REMSReal Estate Management System
RESPAReal Estate Settlement Procedures Act
RHIIPRental Housing Integrity Improvement Project
RHSRural Housing Services
RMCRResidential Mortgage Credit Reports
RRHRural Rental Housing
RSIRequired Supplementary Information
SAASingle Audit Agency
SACSpecial Application Center
SASStatement on Auditing Standards
SEFASchedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards
SFASStatements of Financial Accounting Standards issued by FASB
SKESkills, Knowledge, Experience
SOPStatement of Position
SSAEStatements on Standards for Attestation Engagements
SSNSocial Security Number
TACTechnical Assistance Center
TFAETotal Federal Awards Expended
TINTax Identification Number
TPATransfer of Physical Assets
TRACSTenant Rental Assistance Certification System
TSPTenant Selection Plan
UAAFUser Access Authorization Form
UELUtility Expense Level
UFRSUniform Financial Reporting Standards
UIUnemployment Benefits
UIIUnique IPA Identifier
URLUniform Resource Locator
VASHHUD Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program
V-FormYearly Verification Report for Lender
VLIVery Low Income
VMSVoucher Management System
WASSHUD's Secure Connection/Secure Systems
YellowbookGovernment Auditing Standards issued by GAO (See GAGAS)
ORCFOffice of Residential Care Facilities
IRLCInterest Rate Lock Commitment
HOTMAHousing Opportunity Through Modernization Act
IOIIdentity of Interest

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