FASSUB (Multifamily) has just now approved an additional extension of the filing deadline. The revised due date is June 30th. This will cover all submissions (owner-certified, owner-certified greater than $750K, OMB audits with 9 month due dates, etc.) that were due April 30th (originally March 30th) and May 31st. The announcement is posted on the FASSUB announcements page within the REAC system.
Global Extension Til June 30th: REAC  is extending due dates on all submissions that are due April 30th [originally 3/30] and May 31st. the new due dates for these submissions will be June 30th. This applies to all submissions due within this time frame.

Public Housing (PHA)

The latest information was posted in this Q&A document dated 4/22.  It states:
HUD is extending the reporting due date of PHAs unaudited submission to the REAC as required by 24 CFR 5.801(c) and 24 CFR 5.801(d)(1) for PHAs with a fiscal year end FYE) of December 31, 2019. The new due date for these PHAs unaudited submission is now August 31, 2020. For PHAs with a FYE of March 31, 2020, the new due date is November 30, 2020. The information below provides the extended due date for the unaudited submission by fiscal year.
FYE Due Date Extended Due Date
12/31/2019 02/29/2020 08/31/2020
03/31/2020 05/31/2020 11/30/2020
This extension does not require individual PHAs to seek HUD approval for the extension.

FHA Lender Submissions

We contacted the FHA-Lender Recertification Branch.  They have indicated they will not issue another blanket extension.

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