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AHACPA Launches New Multifamily Submission Service

  • Did the absence of a 30-day extension for 2014 submissions have you working late at night to access the REAC/FASSUB System?
  • Does the constant waiting for screens to refresh have you yelling at HUD’s system to “HURRY UP!”?
  • Are you tired of multiple screen changes while you chase down submission validation errors?

If you are sick and tired of the hectic “Submission Season”
AHACPA has the solution for you!

Today we are happy to announce AHACPA’s new EZsub Service, a new electronic submission service for Multifamily Submissions.

AHACPA has been testing EZsub for the past year. We have processed over 500 submissions using EZsub. This new service debuted at our annual Multifamily Conference in December. We are now offering it publicly to you.

Click here to see the EZsub Service in action.
Click here to download the EZsub Service Application
Click here to download the EZsub Brochure

If you have any further questions about AHACPA’s EZsub Service please visit the NEW AHACPA Support Center.