Chris Kubacki, Senior Associate, Phineas Consulting, LLC

Mr. Kubacki is the Senior Associate with Phineas Consulting, LLC, a firm specialized in public housing. Mr. Kubacki and the firm continue to be engaged by HUD, supporting the REAC FASS-PH business area and Public and Indian Housing’s financial analysis needs. His latest projects with HUD include training HUD and PHAs on proper financial reporting, FASS-PH reviews and PHA financial portfolio analysis of the public housing and HCV program to support PIH decision making. Mr. Kubacki is also currently working on the HCV cost study.

Mr. Kubacki brings over fifteen years of experience in financial analysis and reporting, business process engineering, and policy development. Mr. Kubacki is a Certified Public Accountant. Mr. Kubacki has over ten years of specialized experience in the housing industry, including the Public Housing Conversion to the Asset Management Model, Housing Choice Voucher Financial Reporting, the Public Housing Operating Fund, and HUD’s Financial Assessment Subsystem for Public Housing. He has served as both the Director of PIH’s Financial Management Division and REAC’s Financial Assessment Subsystem for Public Housing. Mr. Kubacki continues to work with both HUD and PHAs on a multitude of topics.

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