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If one federal ID # has multiple Rural Development projects I am understanding I combine them for one audit.  How do I show each project? Do I need to show each project separately on a combining schedule or on the face of the audit as each projects 3560’s are attached.  Do you have a sample please?


Also are there samples of internal control auditing steps and workpapers? And audit programs

for a Rural Development Audit for over $500,000 in financial assistance needing a single audit?

Les Sparks

Ed, ai have not seen a sample.  However, what we know is that the basic statements are presented with all projects in one column.  If you desire to show the project in a columnar format is a combining schedule or footnote, that is appropriate.  The real issue is that the supplemental schedule 3560-10 and 7 are to presented for EACH project in the audit. Therefore, if you have 3 projects there are 3 sets of supplemental schedules attached as supplemental data while there is only on financial statement for the combined TIN.


For the single audit RD’s, as you know there are no compliance supplement. So, Part 3 of 2 CFR 200’s compliance supplement indicates that in such a situation the auditor is required to put the procedures together based on their knowledge of program requirements and the loan agreement.  However, you are also allowed to use Audit Guides that have already been issued for the program. In this case, I would us the for-profit guidance. All it takes is a small memo indicating the RD has published it and it contains the relevant program requirements.  Further it was issued for the profit-motivated entities and represents an appropriate list of program requirements.  NO one will ever argue with that – I hope! 


Les Sparks


(801) 547-0809


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Thanks for the info.  Wish I had it before doing the audit.  In the future if I post a ticket and do not get a response should I call?


Thanks Ed


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Kathy Christensen

Absolutely!  If you post a question and do not receive a response please give us a call 801-547-0809.

~ Kathy

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