Lender Submissions

AHACPA is nationally recognized for its training, technical support, and troubleshooting regarding FHA annual recertification requirements and electronic submission service of HUD required annual financial statements. Since 2002 AHACPA has submitted thousands of annual financial statements for CPAs and Lenders. Our submission service is efficient, timely, and cost effective. We perform the complete submission process for you, within HUD’s required time frame, at a competitive fee.

Submission Service Process in Eight Easy Steps:

  1. The mortgagee forwards the audited financial statement packet, including the LEAP FDT template to AHACPA.
  2. AHACPA enters the data and uploads required items.
  3. AHACPA emails the auditor a copy of the submission report along with a copy of the IPA Procedures report generated by the LEAP system.
  4. The auditor reviews the reports and informs AHACPA of any necessary changes.
  5. When everything is in agreement, the auditor marks the “Agrees/No Such Document Issued” circles on the IPA Procedures report, signs and sends it back to AHACPA.
  6. AHACPA completes IPA Procedures report on behalf of the auditor.
  7. AHACPA completes and submits the submission.
  8. AHACPA emails both the auditor and the mortgagee a confirmation of the completed submission.

Submission Fee

The fee for AHACPA HUD FHA electronic submissions is $400 per submission. Invoices payable upon receipt.


For more information on AHACPA’s multifamily submissions services contact our Lender Team ([email protected]).  If you are ready to sign up you can fill out this form.

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