Chris Kubacki, Partner, Phineas Consulting, LLC

Chris Kubacki, CPA is a partner with Phineas Consulting LLC, and has over 20 years of specialized experience in the public housing industry. As part of Phineas Consulting, Chris continues to support HUD and FASS-PH, and the public housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs on various financial management and accounting issues. Chris helps bridge the gap between a PHA’s actual experience and environment and HUD requirements and needs into a practical solution.  Through Phineas and as a member of Affordable Housing Forward (AH Forward), Chris provides technical assistance and support to HUD and PHAs on various engagements related to asset management, Public Housing Operating and Capital Funds, asset repositioning, and the Housing Choice Voucher programs.  Prior to joining Phineas Consulting, Chris served at HUD as the Director of FASS-PH and as the Director of the Operating Fund program.

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