FASS-PH PHA Financial Reporting Training Evaluation

Course Date(Required)
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
The course content supported the learning objectives.
The course length was sufficient to deliver the content.
The course design (e.g., materials and learning activities) encouraged my participation in the class.
The course provided opportunities to practice and reinforce what was taught.
The course information was at an appropriate level to understand the learning objectives.
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
The quiz questions helped me to learn the course information.
The learning aids (e.g., workbooks, hand-outs, role-playing exercises, PowerPoint slides, software) assisted my learning.
The technology equipment was working properly.
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
The instructor was prepared for class.
The instructor was knowledgeable about the course content.
The instructor was responsive to questions and other needs.
The instructor presented the content in an interesting manner.
The instructor communicated well.
The instructor encouraged a participatory and interactive learning environment.
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
The training facilities were suitable for learning.
There was adequate accommodation for any special needs.
The training location was easy to find.
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
I needed training on this topic.
The training was relevant to improving the knowledge/skills I need to accomplish my job.
I believe the practical exercises were good simulations of the tasks that I actually perform on my job.
There was more than one training style used that was conducive to my learning style (e.g. straight lecture, lecture with visual aids and/or interaction).
N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Overall, I am satisfied with the training course.
Overall, I am satisfied with the instructor(s).
Overall, I am satisfied with the training environment.