How to Setup a Coordinator ID and Assign Access to Others

Initial Setup of Coordinator ID

  1. Log in to REAC Online Systems
  2. Enter the Coordinator’s ID and Password
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Welcome Screen and click “Accept”
  4. Click on User Maintenance
  5. Enter the Coordinator’s ID
  6. Click on the drop down box and select “Maintain User Profile – Actions”
  7. Click the box for each applicable role. Multifamily Submissions use the FASSUB system. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Assign/Unassign”
    • You will receive a confirmation message, click OK
  8. Now click on the drop down and select “Maintain User Profile – Roles”
  9. Click the box for each applicable role.  Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Assign/Unassign”
  10. Click Confirm and then click “OK”

Assigning Cordinator & then Others Access to REAC Systems

  1. Select Property Assignment Maintenance
  2. Enter the Coordinator ID in the “User ID” Box. Do not fill out anything else. Press Submit. (You will return to this step to set up other users)
  3. Hold down the CTRL key and select the role or roles from the top box and then the property or properties from the bottom box. Press submit.
  4. Press the Confirm button and then “OK”.
  5. Go back to step A for any other users that need to be assigned.

How to Post a Peer Review for Public Access

STEP 1 – Log In to your AHACPA Account

STEP 2 – Go to your Profile link

STEP 3 – Scroll down to Peer Review File.  Click on Upload and select your peer review report.

STEP 4 – SAVE profile

STEP 5 – Retrieve your public file link

  • 5a – Go to Member Directory Individuals
  • 5b – Filter to find your name, then click on your information.
  • 5c – Right Click on “Download” link and select ‘Copy Link Location’.  Provide that link to anyone wishing to have access to your peer review.

As always, if you would like AHACPA to upload your peer review report please contact us.

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