Update UII

When merging a firm into another existing firm, there is more than one way to proceed.

You can go ahead and use the UII number associated with [Firm #2]. If you need to update the contact information you can do so by following the directions at the end of this message.


You can register for an entirely new UII. One thing to note is that UII numbers are tied to the Tax ID Number PLUS the zip code. So, if there is already a UII in existence for a certain TIN + Zip Code, the system will not let you register for a new one using the exact same TIN & Zip. As a workaround, you can go into the existing UII and change the TIN or Zip. Then you will be able to register for a new UII using the correct TIN & Zip.

Most larger firms do register for a UII for each location.

UII Numbers – How to Create, Update or Recall

Log into REAC & Click on Quality Assurance Subsystem (QASS)

  1. To Create a New UII:
    • Click on Create
    • Click on Independent Public Accounting Office
    • Fill in the TIN & Zip Code, click GO
    • Verify information, click GO
    • A new UII number will be displayed – PRESS SUBMIT
  2. To Recall or Edit an Existing UII:
    • Go to create new
    • Fill in the TIN & Zip Code, click GO
    • If there is already a UII with that TIN & Zip code combination the UII information will be displayed, otherwise a blank form will be displayed
    • Fill in/change information as needed, click GO
    • Verify Information – PRESS SUBMIT

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