EZsub Reviews

I absolutely love this EZsub, just in case you wanted to report any feedback. I am the one who has to do all the data entry and we were giving it a test run on the two audits that we submitted and hope to use it on the others next year. I like how it is all on one sheet and not having to click in and out of different tabs like with the REAC system. I like how is populates certain fields that otherwise I would have to stop and calculate. And I really like knowing how fast your team got the info into REAC. It’s a winner in my book


Thanks for all the help. It worked great and client was very happy!


EZsub was a major improvement over entering directly into REAC. It was good to see errors before closing out the spreadsheet and the link took directly to the problem – no more flipping thru screens to correct.  Another plus was when changing from one section to another or entering additional data, you didn’t have to save, answer yes you wanted to change screens, etc. Our accountants were able to enter data into the spreadsheet in a few minutes and know that it was correct before submission. I would HIGHLY recommend EZsub to others.


Thank You!  I wanted to thank you for all your help. The submissions for our client went very well as they were able to successfully use your Excel tool and upload services. I also used your Excel tool [another client], but did not use your upload services. I ran short on time to transmit it to you and ended up doing the data entry myself. After five years of frustration, your tools and support made this year’s submissions go very well. We can’t thank you enough for your organization and support.


It was the best money I ever spent! You are such a life saver! Thank you for all your help. I will be using you again. I am not going to torture myself struggling with the submission. You made it a lot easier with your template.