REAC’s Deputy Assistant Secretary, Donald J. LaVoy, to Speak at PHA Conference

We are excited to announce that D.J. LaVoy has been added to our outstanding lineup of speakers for the 18th Annual PHA Conference. Mr. LaVoy is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC). He joined HUD and established REAC in 1998. Over the course of the following four years he created the current Public Housing Assessment System and Multi Family Risk Management systems, converted the Public Housing Industry to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), created the UPCS property inspection system and protocol and developed the risk assessment system for single family appraisals.

Not to miss topics for the conference include:

  • Current status of REAC systems
  • Imminent changes to PIC that will affect ALL PHAs.
  • VMS, Reserves, Two-year tool and planning for better leasing targets
  • SEPHAS – What the listening sessions discussed
  • Status of the COCC, Fee-for-service, fees and de-federalized monies
  • Latest Proposal to update Yellowbook Audit Standards
  • Overall programmatic update
  • PHA insolvencies and how do we stop them
  • Update for auditors – Quality, Single Audit as well as any GASB update
  • Updates to REAC system
  • RAD deal structure to maximize cash flow.
  • Uniform Guidance and Internal Control

The speakers covering these topics include the who’s who of the PHA world, including:

  • Wendell Conner – Director, HUD-REAC Quality Assurance (QASS)
  • Patrick Evans – Director, HUD-PIH Office of Information Management
  • Marlow Hunter – Managing Partner, Marlow C. Hunter, P.C.
  • Chris Kubacki – Senior Associate, Phineas Consulting, LLC
  • Donald J. Lavoy – Deputy Assistant Secretary, HUD-REAC
  • Dale Rector – Principal, Rector, Reeder & Lofton, PC
  • Gene Ristano – Partner, Isdaner & Company, LLC
  • Bailey Smuhl – Program and Risk Analyst, HUD-REAC
  • Les Sparks – President, AHACPA
  • Moon Tran – Principal, Phineas Consulting, LLC
  • Ron Urlaub – Partner, Urlaub & Co., PLLC

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