[SOLVED] REAC Multifamily Validation Error for Account S1200-610

2/14/2019: This issue has been resolved

We have received numerous emails and calls related to a validation error on certain owner-certified submission to REAC. The problem does not appear to affect normal audited submission. REAC was notified of the error and they are currently working on a solution.

Validation Error

The following message was posted in the FASSUB notification page last week. REAC wants to ensure users that data already entered for owner-certified submissions, will not be lost as a result of any corrections. Users are encouraged to wait for the completion of repairs to finalize any owner-certified submissions with this error.

Validation Error – Account S1200-610: There is a programming problem that is causing validation errors for Account S1200-610 on certain submissions. REAC is working on the problem and will implement a fix as soon as possible. Correction of this problem will not affect data that has already been entered. We will notify you in a subsequent newsletter.

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