Lender Documents

Letters & Reports

Document Name Updated
Agreed Upon Procedures Engagement Letter 02/2016
Agreed Upon Procedures Report 02/2016
Audit Engagement Letter 02/2016
Independent Auditor Report 02/2016
Management Representation Letter 01/2015

Yellowbook | GAS Report on Internal Control & Compliance

Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting and on Compliance and Other Matters Based on an Audit of Financial Statements Performed in Accordance with Government Auditing Standards

Major Program Report

Report on Compliance for Each Major HUD Program and Report on Internal Control over Compliance Required by the Consolidated Audit Guide for Audits of HUD Programs



Samples & References


Document Name Updated
Lender Annual Certification Questions – Supervised and Nonsupervised 08/2016
Audit Requirements Matrix (pdf) 10/2010
Computation of Adjusted Net Worth (.pdf format) (.docx format) 09/2015
Corrective Action Plan (CAP) – Sample 01/2015
Independence Decision Chart 05/2014
Nonaudit Services Checklist 05/2014
Quality Control Plan Checklist (.pdf format) (.docx format) 03/2016
Sample FHA Financial Statement 6/2013


Guides/Federal Registers:


Document Name Updated
Lender Annual Certification Questions – Supervised and Nonsupervised 08/2016
FRAG: Financial Reporting and Audit Guidance 2003
HUD Audit Guide Varies
HUD Audit Guide – Chapter 7: REV-2, Change 21 10/2016
Guide to HMDA Reporting 01/2013
UFRS: Uniform Financial Reporting Standards 03/2001
Yellowbook / Government Auditing Standards (GAS) 2011
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
2013 Loan Originator Rule:
Small Entity Compliance Guide
Federal Register Vol. 78, No. 180:FHA Approval of Lending Institutions and Mortgagees: Streamlined Reporting Requirements for Small Supervised Lenders and Mortgagees 09/2013




Handbook Description
2000.04  Consolidated Audit Guide for Audits of HUD Programs
4000.1  Single Family Housing Policy Handbook
4060.1  Mortgagee Approval Handbook
4145.1  Architectural Processing and Inspections
4150.1  Valuation Analysis for Home Mortgage Insurance
4150.2  Valuation Analysis for One-to-Four-Unit Dwellings
4155.1  Mortgage Credit Analysis for Mortgage Insurance on One- to Four-Unit  Mortgage Loans
4155.2  Lender’s Guide to the Single Family Mortgage Insurance Process
4165.1  Endorsement for Insurance for Home Mortgage Programs
4235.1  Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
4240.2  The Graduated Payment Mortgage
4240.4  203K Rehabilitation Home Mortgage
4330.1  Administration of Insured Home Mortgage
4330.4  FHA Single Family Insurance Claims
4700.2  Title I Lender Approval Handbook
4905.1  Requirements for Existing Housing One to Four Family Units
5500.3  Ginnie Mae Handbook (Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Guide
5500.3-2  Ginnie Mae Handbook – Chapter 2, Eligibility Requirements


Mortgagee Letters:


Mortgagee Letter Description
2013-12 Lender Insurance Program
2013-05 Manual Underwriting for Loans with Decision Credit Score Below 620 and Total Fixed Payments to Effective Income Ratio Exceeding 43%
2013-04 Revision of FHA policies concerning cancellation of the annual MIP and increase to the annual MIP
2012-29 Interim Reporting Requirements for Small Supervised Lenders and Mortgagees
2012-04 Single Family Mortgage Insurance Annual and Up-Front Mortgage Insurance Premium – Changes
2012-02 Closing a Loan in the Name of an FHA-Approved Mortgagee Acting as a Sponsored Third-Party Originator (TPO)
2011-34 Revised Lender Approval Requirements
2011-25 Alternative Reporting Requirements for Small Supervised Lenders and Clarification of Requirements for Supervised Lenders in Parent-Subsidiary Relationships
2011-25 FAQ 2011-25 FAQs
2011-18 Elimination of FHA’s origination fee cap for the 203(k) Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance Program
2011-17 Use of HUD/FHA Logo, Name and Acronym in Advertising
2011-05 Revised Audited Financial Statement Reporting Requirements for Supervised Lenders in Parent-Subsidiary Structures and New Financial Reporting Requirements for Multifamily Mortgagees
2011-02 Quality Control Requirements for Direct Endorsement Lenders
2010-38 Mortgagee Eligibility Requirements and Clarification of FHA’s Electronic Annual Certification Requirements and Procedures
2010-20 Implementation of Final Rule FR 5356-F-02, “Federal Housing Administration Continuation of FHA Reform—Strengthening Risk Management through Responsible FHA-Approved Lenders”
FHA Recertification – Final Rule [FR5356-F-02] 04/20/2010
White paper prepared for suggested course of action 12/22/2009
2010-03 Mortgagee Approval for Single Family Programs – Extended Procedures for Terminating Underwriting Authority