Consolidated Submissions – What is required?

When at entity owns more than one property and they are all under the same Tax ID Number they file CONSOLIDATED electronic submission in the REAC/FASSUB system.

This chart shows what is required for each part of the electronic filing:

Consolidated Statement – Owner
(Misc. accounts don’t have details)
Individual project – This info is needed for EACH project
(Misc. accounts NEED netails)
Balance Sheet X X
Profit & Loss X X
Equity X X
Cash Flow
Multifamily uses Direct Method
Schedule of Reserve for Replacement X
Schedule of Residual Receipts X
Computation of Surplus Cash X
Schedule of Changes in Fixed Assets X
Footnotes X
Auditor Reports X
Not needed for owner-certified
Findings X
Not needed for owner-certified
Certification Page X
SEFA (if non-profit) X
Not needed for owner-certified


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